Fine Jewelry Repair, Appraisal, and Custom Design Carried Out Under a Master Gemologist

Gloria's Jewelry is a full service jewelry store.  We offer the following services every day. At Gloria’s, we guarantee the highest quality work at the best prices.

Jewelry Repair

We do any and all fine jewelry repair.  We have four different goldsmiths, who all specialize in different areas of the field.  We have full confidence in our goldsmiths to deliver the very best work, every time, at a fair price.


We offer full written insurance and bankruptcy appraisals.  We write down all the information needed, so jewelry items do not need to be left here.  If you have a large quantity, we offer discounts.  All appraisals are done by a graduate gemologist.  

Custom Jewelry

One of our areas of expertise is custom jewelry.  You will work with our designer, Carrie Plott, to bring your vision to life.  She will walk you through the custom process, hand draw your design, and quote you a price.  We then send out your design to have a wax mold made.  At that point, we show you the mold for your approval, and you have a chance to make changes.  Once we get the final design, we cast your item, and finish it.  Custom pieces usually take 3-4 weeks.  

Watch Repair

We have an expert watch maker who is able to repair any watch.  He has many years of experience, and can repair anything including high-end and vintage watches.