The Georgian time period was one of the longest Eras in the history of Jewelry spanning over 100 years and four English Kings, King George I-George IV.  During this 123 year reign, there was minimal advancement in style and technique of Jewelry.  The metals commonly used in jewelry were high Karat gold and silver.  The cutting of the Diamonds and Gemstones was primitive, using mainly Foil Backs, Old Mine cut, Table Cut, Rose Cut and Cabochon.


Common stones used were Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz varieties, Garnet, Shell, Coral, Pearl, Agate and Glass. Stones would be considered poorly cut by todays standards, and often do not match as they were all different shapes and sizes.  Construction and the way the stones were set were not the most durable, therefore authentic Georgian Jewelry can be hard to procure.   Nature motifs of flowers, leaves and wreaths were popular.  Feminine styles of ribbons and bows were commonly seen during the mid-late Georgian period.

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